Race 4 Riley

About Race 4 Riley

If you are from the Indianapolis area, there’s a good chance that you know a ‘Riley Kid’. As a matter of fact, I’m a Riley Kid, albeit through a small procedure done just after I was born. I have aunts, uncles, and nieces that have been to Riley Children’s Hospital, all with positive outcomes and experiences. It really is the premier children’s hospital in the Midwest. 

Ever since I can remember, Race 4 Riley has been an important part of our family’s lives–Dad started it over 25 years ago and has raised over 5 million dollars for Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis!

Race 4 Riley began as a small go-kart race between friends and quickly evolved into a larger, multi-day event. Dad was involved along every step of the way, with the help of 3 others who helped with the event.

During the last couple of years, there was a transitional period since Dad wasn’t healthy enough to drive in the race. Even during that time, we enjoyed the event and it even made us forget about what was happening in our daily lives–it was a truly meaningful time for my family and I. Nowadays, myself and the group my Dad lovingly dubbed, “The Riley Mafia”, are continuing his work with Race 4 Riley, with hopes of expanding the event. 

All funds raised are directly donated to the hospital, while the expenses are covered by organizations or individual donors.