Partners & Sponsors

Primary Partner

Gallant is a mechanical and electrical company based in the UK. They operate in a variety of sectors to provide comfort cooling (among other things) to their valued customers. Scott has been a pleasure to work with for the last 18 months and it’s been a relationship that will continue for many years to come. They are also great supporters of Race 4 Riley and #CheckIt4Andretti, and continue to look for creative ways to participate in all of our charitable efforts, even though they are across seas! Their continued growth is extremely impressive to witness and we look forward to eventually growing their presence on this side of the pond and in turn bringing the Andretti Brand closer to their home base!

Primary ASSOCIATE Partners

Window World has been a part of my family since 2009. They were the sponsor on Dad’s car for his last Indianapolis 500 and his final race, the 2012 24 Hours of Daytona–we co-drove in this race.They were the primary on the GT car when we won the championship at Indianapolis in the throwback livery to Dad’s last Indianapolis 500 car for Andretti Autosport. They are the Nation’s Largest Exterior Home Remodeler, if you need windows, doors, gutters–they’re the people to call! You won’t get a better product or service elsewhere. 

Philanthropy continues to stay top of mind for Window World as well. Donating money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital through Window World Cares and also supporting the Race 4 Riley every year. Through a collaboration with Dad, they were able to raise over $1,000,000 in one night for St. Jude Hospital, through The Stinger Project. The list goes on and on, and I really can’t say enough about what Window World has done and continues to do for me and my family. We are so appreciative and look forward to extending our partnership for many more years to come.

Mi Windows and Doors is an amazing company based in Gratz, PA. Since they started, they’ve experienced tremendous growth, and the cool thing is that they always keep philanthropy at the top of mind. Mi Windows and Doors always hosts auctions, events, or participates in volunteer work in their community. Their CEO, Matt, was friends with my Father and was a catalyst to us beginning the #CheckIt4Andretti Foundation after Dad’s passing–I’ll be forever grateful that he gave us that push. They continue to be active supporters of #CheckIt4Andretti and we know we can depend on them to help us navigate through any hurdles with the Foundation.

Associate Partners

Superior Auto is a loyal member of the team that has been with us for 10 years, they came on board in 2013 as the primary sponsor of our Dirt Sprint Car. They’ve been with us ever since and have been steady supporters through it all, especially for things like injuries and Dad’s diagnosis. Their supportive, caring culture continues to permeate into how they conduct business at their dealerships. One of the best parts about having partners like Superior Auto is that they become so close with your program. Even when Dad was first diagnosed, they were willing to sponsor the race team while offering me to go home and spend time with Dad. We didn’t end up taking them up on the offer since we wanted to run the races, but it was so sincere that I will never forget it.

Superior Auto ingrains themselves into the local community and promotes continued growth across the Midwest. If you’re in the Midwest and need a used car, you will not be disappointed with choosing Superior Auto!

Schaeffer Oil is one of the best kept secrets in the Motorsports Industry. They have been in business since Martin van Buren was President, only the 8th President!  Schaeffer started with making candles for miners and then evolved into building grease for wagon wheels. They’ve truly been around since the inception of lubricants. Schaeffer’s has been involved with our race team since 2013, every sprint car I’ve driven since then has had Schaeffer engine and gear oil, along with greases.

We were introduced to Schaeffer by a trusted engine builder that Dad had met during his Cup days. When we asked him who he would recommend, he pointed directly to Schaeffer without hesitation. Since then, they’ve been great supporters and are continuously growing across all facets of their business. I’ve gotten the opportunity to speak at a couple of their summits, attend their annual reunion in St. Louis, and see their facility. 

Additionally, Schaeffer has been a great supporter of the Race 4 Riley. They participate in Indy Truck and Auto’s fundraising for Riley Hospital for Children by donating oil for oil changes. If you have a need for a lubricant, no matter how specialized it is, Schaeffer can help you out!

Unite Health Share Ministries is the newest addition to our partner group. Chris and the team came on board the week leading up to the race at Daytona in 2021–I actually carried the decals to put on the car in my backpack on the way to the track. 

As a Christian-based health sharing organization, UHSM’s concept is unique. They pool together resources on a monthly basis from members and when one of the members gets sick, they pay the costs of the medical expenses from that pool of resources. The year before USHM came on board, I was a member as a partner on the race team. 

USHM has also become a big support of our #CheckIt4Andretti Foundation in honor of my Father. Their Steer Clear of Cancer Campaign in March was a big success and we’re planning to continue to build upon it in the coming years. If you’re looking for an alternative to standard “healthcare” be sure to reach out to UHSM and ask for more information!

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