About CheckIt4Andretti

The CheckIt4Andretti Foundation started as an awareness campaign and since then has grown to what it’s become today. When Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, he knew it could have been prevented by getting a colonoscopy, so he used his platform to encourage others to get their preventative screenings. From this initiative, Dad has influenced countless people to get preventative screenings that otherwise wouldn’t have. There’s no doubt about Dad’s impact on many people’s lives.

After Dad passed, we decided to expand on the #CheckIt4Andretti initiative and build it beyond an awareness campaign. At this point, we established the CheckIt4Andretti Foundation with the mission of helping people get preventative screenings who don’t have insurance, are underinsured, or are unable to afford one.

In March of 2021, CheckIt4Andretti Charitable Foundation received its official 501(c)(3) designation and since then has worked diligently at building out plans to raise funds for those in need of colonoscopies. 

As the 2nd leading cause of death among men and women, colon cancer is 100% preventable with proper screenings. Mom is leading the charge on this and us kids are supporting her in any way we can. We should be able to give away our first colonoscopies in early 2022 and will continue to push forward to grow it into additional cities/states from there.