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About Jarett Andretti

Despite the last name, my racing career began later than most of my peers. It happened very naturally when my Dad, John Andretti, purchased a go-kart shortly after coming off the road from the Cup Series. Dad was so passionate about racing that he looked for any way to continue his enjoyment of racing and maintain his competitive edge. Even though Dad didn’t race the go-kart, he had the pleasure of running it, setting lap times, and spending the day at the track watching me attempt to beat the clock. Originally, the track didn’t have a race set for our kart class, until they decided to add it to the schedule. That was really just the start of it…

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The CheckIt4Andretti Foundation started as an awareness campaign and since then has grown to what it’s become today. When Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, he knew it could have been prevented by getting a colonoscopy, so he used his platform to encourage others to get their preventative screenings. From this initiative, Dad has influenced countless people to get preventative screenings that otherwise wouldn’t have. There’s no doubt about Dad’s impact on many people’s lives.

Race 4 Riley

If you are from the Indianapolis area, there’s a good chance that you know a ‘Riley Kid’. As a matter of fact, I’m a Riley Kid, albeit through a small procedure done just after I was born. I have aunts, uncles, and nieces that have been to Riley Children’s Hospital, all with positive outcomes and experiences. It really is the premier children’s hospital in the Midwest.